Labengki Island

Labengki Island Giant Clam Conservation History

Labengki Island

Labengki Island or in Indonesia call it Pulau Labengki is our second giant clam conservation home, since 2012 we expand the conservation to Labengki Island area, we choose this area cause of "Kimaboe", the main habitat of the new giant clam species candidate found it on this island, thats why we choose this place for our second home.

Actually we was here since 2011, but at these time we came to the island for socialize the conservation to Headman Village, Tribe Head, local paople and youth organizations and after view times meeting, Bajo Paople agree with the idea, some local people and young man help us to prepared the conservation, and finally on 2011 we start to begin the giant clam conservation on this area.

Labengki Island located at North Konawe, precisely in the Lasolo Bay, District Lasolo, South East Sulawesi. Lebengki Island consists of several large islands and small islands, 5 large island name it Labengki Besar, Labengki Kecil (small) or Kusino Island, Namira Island, Tukoh Kuley and Mauang Island, while the small islands consists about 20 islands that do not have names. The island that has a population is in Labengki Kecil (Kusino Island) and Mauang Island while Labengki Besar is empty.

The main tribe of these island is Bajo Tribe as native tribe and Tolaki tribe. There are about 100 head of households on this island with a population of about 400 people, while on the Mauang Island inhabited by 4 head of households with an amount of about 10 people and the main livelihood of the people of Labengki is a fisherman. Total area of Labengki Island is about 15,000 acres.

Beside the giant clam conservation, we are committed to helping and contribute for local communities, such as we bring trainers for educate the local people how to farming lobster and fish, we do football competition including the price, diving training, free medical treatment and many more. On 2014 we have also got funding in the form of engine generator for electricity and water treatment machine with total funding IDR.1,8 billion.

At the end of 2011, we try to promote Labengki Island for public as one of tourist destination in South East Sulawesi which is can be generated the economic income for local communities, since Labengki Island has potential as a tourist destination. Labengki island offers exotic panoramic, quiet and natural, surrounded by green rocky hills and it has a very beautiful underwater marine biodiversity, on the one rock mountains corner there are several types of orchids that grow naturally.

Dozens of white sand beaches scattered at every corner of the island combined with clear crystal water and expanse of colorful coral and a variety of small islands that surround of the island area, makes Labengki Island to be a paradise for Giant Clam Research, Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Climbing, Island Hoping, Beach lover and Orchid Lovers.

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