Our Giant Clam Species

Giant Clam Species on Toli Toli Labengki Conservation

giant clam species

Toli Toli Labengki Volunteers Giant Clam Conservation has preserve at least 7 species + 2 the new species candidate; call it "Kimaboe" and the new candidate that almost similar with Tridacna Costata.

Detail of those Giant Clam that preserve on Toli Toli Labengki Volunteers Giant Clam Conservation can be enumerated as follow :


Giant Clam Hippopus Porcellanus

Giant Clam Hippopus Hippopus

Giant Clam Tridacna Crocea

Giant Clam Tridacna Derasa

Giant Clam Tridacna Maxima

Giant Clam Tridacna Squamosa

Giant Clam Kimaboe (new candidate)

Giant Clam Tridacna Costata (new candidate)

Giant Clam Tridacna Gigas

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