Donation for Help Us

Donation to Help Us Saving Our Ocean and Our Biodiversity!


You may can contribute by Donate a small money for help us to keep the ocean!, your Donations will help us to preserve, maintain and keep the Conservation Giant Clams Marine Park running as well.

As we are Volunteers Conservation, we do this purely using the power of our team as well as using our own finance. We don't have any permanent funding and at this time the Conservation Giant Clams Marine Park needed a financing to care and preserve it, and We do hope to our Visitor or to you or you have a friends, relationships, families who want to make a donation, your donation will be very significant and will greatly help us to survive and gave spirit to our team to continue develop, preserve, maintain and keep the Conservation.

Should you think that what we were doing at this time has a good purpose for Save Our Ocean!, then you may helping and contribute to us by giving a small donation. The donation is a voluntary, the amount of donation is depend on you, and everyone who has donated will be inform on our website, after sending your donation please feel free to "Contact Us" by email or phone so we can put your information through our website.

Donations can be made / sent through our team account with detailed account :


Bank Transfer

Bank Central Asia (BCA) Branch Makassar.
South Sulawesi - Indonesia.
Account Number : 0250930461.
Account Name : Kalib Nun Buduha.
Swift Code : CENAIDJA

Donations also can be made by using a Credit Card through Paypal Payment Secure, please check it at the "Donate to Help Us!" Menu and click "Paypal" logo, then you will redirect to the paypal to start made a donation by using your credit card.

Our team would like to thank you very much and appreciation for every donation that has given to us.

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  • Phone/Wa : +6282293651155

Donate to Help Us!

You can help us by giving a donation, it will help us to Growing and Survive!