Conservation History

Toli Toli Labengki Giant Clam Conservation History


The activities of making the conservation was begin on October 2009, we had forming a small team to starting and realizing the idea and by using personal expenses and some donations from friends and family, and with improvised equipment, we started doing the conservation (survey, relocation, settlement and maintenance). Day and night our team looking for the area that was formerly a natural habitat of various marine biota, starting with collecting various spesis the Giant clams (in Idonesia name it "Kima") and various other marine animals spesis such as starfish, sea cucumbers, ornamental fish, lobster and other marine biota.

Finally on the day of Friday, 1 January 2009 at 17:00, we starting put of our first 5 (five) Giant Clams on the conservation area at Toli Toli Village and until this time we have been preserved more than 8,000 Giant Clams (more less) from 7 species +2 the new species candidate with various size. Continue the survey to determining the location for this conservation we did starting from sea cliffs of the Batu Gong till Toronipa peninsula, and from these surveys, we decided it the main location is in the Nii - Tanasa Village and Toli Toli Village and surrounding area since these only area has a sea mountain (rab).

All of these Giant Clam and others marine biota were place, keep and maintained naturally on the sea mountain (rab) along about four miles at four villages, namely : Rapambinopaka Village, Nii - Tanasa Village, Toli Toli Village and Wawobungi Village, with the center of concentration in the five sea mountain (rab) at Nii - Tanasa Village and Toli Toli Village.

From the data we currently have that in Indonesia there is a several big Giant Clams with size about 1.8 meter in the area of Gulf Cendrawasih, Papua and the Giant Clam measured about 2 meters (Giant clam and exact size unknown) was in Wakatobi National Marine Park still in South East Sulawesi Province), and the others Giant Clam size about 1.5 meters available on Bunaken National Marine Park, Manado, North Sulawesi. All of these giant clam is in Eastern part of Indonesia. And if this activities performing well, then this marine park will become the first of Giant Clam Marine Park in Indonesia which is integrated with a variety of other marine biota.

Since 2012, the conservation spread in to two place, 1st place in Toli Toli Village as main post and second places is in Labengki Island or Pulau Labengki. We do hope of this conservation become a natural place in the ocean and could be become a tourism object such as for diving, studying, Conservation Center for various marine biota, as well as a place of education and research for students that had a positive impact on economic improvement and empowerment of coastal communities and fishermen in particular in our village, eventually will create conditions to support each other between nature and human life that will give awareness of the importance of protecting, preserving and conserving nature, especially marine biota.

Toli Toli Village and Labengki Island is easy to reach, Toli Toli Village can be reach about 40 minute to 1 hours drive from Kendari City (only about 18 km away from the city of Kendari), the capital province of Southeast Sulawesi. The main roads also mostly in good condition, so this place becomes more easy and affordable. While Labengki Island can be reach from our places about 3 hour ride a wooden boat (more less) depend on weather and if we use fast speed boat its can be reach in about 1 hours to 2 hour depend on weather.

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